Install CloudLinux OS


This guide will show you how to install CloudLinux OS with Webuzo Control Panel. CloudLinux OS is an operating system for multi-tenancy of shared server. It isolates each customer into a separate environment, which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections, for each tenant.

Install CloudLinux OS

You will need to install CloudLinux OS and the guide for that can be followed from here :

NOTE : Once you have installed CloudLinux, please make sure to reboot the OS.

Install CloudLinux Plugin

After you have booted into CloudLinux OS, you will need to install the CloudLinux plugin in Webuzo.

To do so, please run the following command :

wget -N
chmod +x

This will install the CloudLinux plugin in Webuzo and your users and the admins can see the CloudLinux utilities.

Admin Panel Screenshot


Enduser Panel Screenshot

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