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I\'m new to the Webuzo application but so far - it is a great product. The team at softaculous is extremely attentive and you can test drive the product before making any commitment - You can\'t beat that. If you run into any issues - support is awesome between the forum and if you submit a ticket. If you want to run a powerful control panel for your AWS EC2 instances - try this. They even have pre-built AMIs which can have you up and running immediately.

Joe B, Site Admin

Today i have a lot of discussion in the support ticket about a problem in my server. The support team give me the best action to solve my problem. That\'s really AWESOME support. Thank you very much..

Deni Setiawan, Owner dheCoding Corp

nevertheless manual installation of services being fun, choosing distro, packets, dependencies, optimizations, they sure can take its time, and when time is very short having a ready to deploy appliance at jumpbox or turnkey or else is quite convenient. with webuzo there is an even better approach: think of an appliance that is prepared with a menu for by itself call and install other appliances; a server who can setup by a click a calender service, a wordpress, a blog, a survey service, a helpdesk, a documentation server, and so. it has over 300 ready services it can deploy on your own local network, in a matter of 1-2 minutes each, literally - giving you the web address for the service use and the one for admin. The business model is about supporting each one of the services customization. No locking: the trial made installations keep working, there is a good build in backup and restore system for each service configuration and data one can download and keep. Support is excellent.

Fernando Oliveira, IT innovation and support IPMA

Webuzo is a fantastic panel and you can use it free! Also the paid option is cheap and worth buying due to the ease of installing a vast amount of scripts in seconds. I have tried many panels and i was just totally amazed with this panel i did not think you could get a panel like this for free. Memory usage and CPU usage is minimal with webuzo this is another reason we recommend it to our clients and there clients. We recommend webuzo panel for all our vps server users and we even advertise webuzo across our network as we love it so much and want everyone to know about webuzo! If you do not use webuzo you should as it is so easy to use and the support is top notch. We highly recommend webuzo for vps and dedicated environments.

S.Brady.Hussain, CEO sz1Hosting Group

We work with Webuzo/Softaculous more than 3 years.all our experiences with the team these wonderful people are very positive. Technical support is so good that it helps more than it normally. I have only one suggestion, maybe in future to change support ticket system with some ticketing system who will be integrated with costumer accounts.

Zeljko Paunovic, CEO Hosting022

I love how fast webuzo tech team to respond. I've had an issue with my installation and their they are when I contacted them on the rescue! They've fixed everything for me. How cool is that? I recommend Webuzo for all who wanted to have their personal sites hosted on VPS or dedicated server! I love how easy it is to install apps like WordPress to my websites. And much much more feature I can't live without! ;-) Highly recommended! -- Clint

Clint Entorum, Owner Virtual Assistant Services

Great Company, highly recommend. Help me to fixed my website problem, even I am a free user!! Tks so much!!!!!!

Isaac, HongKong RC Toys

this is the best vps panel for me =)) the support always help me if i have problem in my panel =)) thank you webuzo i love you.

randy, webmaster sinuraya

I have just migrated my website to a different server & this gave me the opportunity to ditch the VERY expensive alternative (cPanel) I had been using and adopt Webuzo as my control panel. The only real difference is that Webuzo and cPanel is that Webuzo is for single entities like myself, not for resellers. Frankly it is a great and simple system and the support is great, if not always the speediest. If, like me, you know a little about hosting a site, but have big gaps, I highly recommend Webuzo as a better and simpler alternative to cPanel, with a strong support to help you out (via ticket system) Go for it!

Stephen Hyde, Photographer

The Support I get from Webuzo is 101% fabulous. I would recommend their product to anyone. Just be patience and let the support do their Magic.... Trust me...they are that good... Well done Webuzo!!!

R. Reynold, Web Support RRITS Co.

We're absolutely delighted to be using these great products developed by Softaculous. The products function really well and above our initial expectations. We are able to setup servers for our clients quickly with little or no issues. Documentation is very good and the Support team is excellent and fast with resolving any issues whenever we open a ticket. We have absolutely no complaints whatsoever!, and due to the extraordinary level of service provided by this company, we have recommended their products and services to our friends and partners around the world. We look forward to continue on this path with this great company!

Daran Wallman, Network Administrator Fijian Networks

Webuzo has a great support, within minutes I got the exact solution for my problem. Because of this we decided to extend our trial into a real membership. That\'s how you make customers happy!:)

Marc Nussbaumer, Project Leader Geschaeftspartner

I am using Webuzo on my VPS since a year. The control panel is great, good UI, and has a lots of features that makes you work comfortably on your server without hassles. They have a wiki where you can find all information how to use Webuzo, and if you still need help, you can create a post in forum (free customers) or a support ticket (premium license customers). They have talented individuals in their support team who help quickly solving the issues. Even if the issue is complicated, they will fix them on your server by themselves, and for free! Webuzo is probably the best deal that people can find for free or with a little cost for a premium license.

Suman Banerjee, CEO and Lead Programmer ANTEOMNIO NETWORK

I'm using Webuzo panel for my VPS server and hosting my websites. I love it so much for its simplicity of the setup and its great features! And what I love the most is their customer support! After having an issue because of my mis-configuration(yeah my fault!), I sent them a ticket. It took them couple of hours to respond to the ticket I submitted, but they've provided a live chat support to resolve my issue in real time! I just wanted to say, thank you so much Webuzo and your great customer support!

Clint Entorum, CEO | Founder VASPh Team

Webuzo got a really great support team, professional communication, and execution. A perfect combination for our early stage technical endeavor.

Saurabh Gahlot, IT Director Onio Seller Services

support was quick and prompt, every time i have interacted the support staff was consistent in this two factors.

Ronak Patel, Director ideas plus

I have recently submitted a ticket to the Webuzo support team and not only that they got back to me in a matter of minutes but they also helped me out with something that was not part of their responsibilities. Thank you for being out there for us when you're needed.

Jerry Dorset, Technical Support Specialist <Not disclosed>

It\'s my go-to for any personal projects that involve installing multiple apps from scratch! Great platform!

Scott Claeys, Founder Rad Web Hosting
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