Creating An OS Template


This guide will describe how to Create an OS template of Webuzo as per the platform you use. This guide is for Cloud, VPS or Dedicated server providers who would like to launch Webuzo on their instances without having to reinstall Webuzo everytime.

Install OS

First of all you will need to install the Operating System i.e CentOS. Please install a MINIMAL CentOS only.

Install Webuzo

Now install Webuzo on the newly installed Operating System. You can follow the Install Guide which has screenshots. Don't follow the steps including and after "Initial Setup" from the Install Guide. This will leave Webuzo unconfigured and you can deploy it anywhere.

You need to touch the file reconfigure at /var/webuzo/ directory.

root> touch /var/webuzo/reconfigure

Package the template

Packaging the newly created OS Template varies as per the Platform and you will best know how to do so.

Testing the Template

You can deploy this template and then continue with the remaining steps of the Install Guide.

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