Manage Service SSL Certificates


This guide will show you how to manage and configure SSL certificates for Webuzo services, you have various options including Let's Encrypt, ZeroSSL, bypass, and manual installation. Additionally, you can also choose to use existing end-user certificates for Webuzo services

This Utility allows you to manage certificates for various server services. You can manage certificates for the following services:

1) Webuzo Service

 2) Pure-FTPd (pure-ftpd)

3) Exim (exim)

4)  Dovecot (dovecot)

5) OpenLiteSpeed (lshttpd)

How To Manage SSL certificate

Use SSL certificate Authority


You can change SSL certificate authority in admin panel -> Settings -> general


After Issuing the certificate you can reissue the certificate or use the existing certificate for the selected service..


Use enduser's certificate

You can choose the existing enduser certificates for any Webuzo services.


Use Manual certificate 

You can also install the SSL certificate manually if you have the necessary information such as private key, certificate, and CA bundle.


After successfully issuing an SSL certificate, you can retrieve and view important information about the certificate. This information typically includes the certificate issuer, certificate expiry date, and the certificate key.

You can also reset the installed certificate.

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