Custom PHP Extensions


This guide will show you how you can load custom PHP Extensions.

You can upload your custom file at /var/webuzo-data/php70/ext
We are going to show you example with php70, you can refer the following PHP names to load extensions for any other PHP's:
php56, php70, php71, php72, php73, php74, php80, php81, php82
Do not upload extensions at /usr/local/apps


Create extensions.ini at /usr/local/apps/php70/etc/php.d/extensions.ini and then add the extensions as follows


Note: You need to create folder /var/webuzo-data/php70/ext

Once you saved it then execute the following command

/usr/local/apps/php70/bin/fpmctl restart

That's it now your custom extension will be loaded in php70, similarly you can load in other PHP's, just replace the php softname which is already mentioned above.

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