Version: 7.9

Votes : 15

  • Space Required : 6.78 MB
  • Release Date : 17-01-2023
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  • * Number of visits, and number of unique visitors,
    * Visits duration and last visits,
    * Authenticated users, and last authenticated visits,
    * Days of week and rush hours (pages, hits, KB for each hour and day of week),
    * Domains/countries of hosts visitors (pages, hits, KB, 269 domains/countries detected, GeoIp detection),
    * Hosts list, last visits and unresolved IP addresses list,
    * Most viewed, entry and exit pages,
    * Files type,
    * Web compression statistics (for mod_gzip or mod_deflate),
    * OS used (pages, hits, KB for each OS, 35 OS detected),
    * Browsers used (pages, hits, KB for each browser, each version (Web, Wap, Media browsers: 97 browsers, more than 450 if using library file),
    * Visits of robots (319 robots detected),
    * Worms attacks (5 worm's families),
    * Search engines, keyphrases and keywords used to find your site (The 115 most famous search engines are detected like yahoo, google, altavista, etc...),
    * HTTP errors (Page Not Found with last referrer, ...),
    * Other personalized reports based on url, url parameters, referer field for miscellanous/marketing purpose,
    * Number of times your site is "added to favourites bookmarks".
    * Screen size (need to add some HTML tags in index page).
    * Ratio of Browsers with support of: Java, Flash, RealG2 reader, Quicktime reader, WMA reader, PDF reader (need to add some HTML tags in index page).
    * Cluster report for load balanced servers ratio.
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