Version: 13.08

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    • Monitor files and directories for changes and send an email report of activity
    • IP Reputation System. The system provides a variety of IP blocklists gathered from information that is submitted by participating servers. This dual aspect provides the information to help protect the server using the reputation from active attacks
    • Major update to Script Version Scanning. cxs now scans for more than 200 individual applications, more than 200 WordPress plugins and more than 200 Joomla Extensions. Over 700 in total!
    • cxs Setup Wizard to the UI for easy first-time configuration
    • cxs Command Wizard to help create effective scan commands
    • new quarantine interface via an SQLite database
    • statistics to provide information at a glance as to what cxs has been doing
    • command Wizards to help configure cxs Watch and Modsecurity
    • cxs Daily/Weekly Scan Wizard, to create and modify cron jobs in /etc/cron.d/cxs-cron
    • EXPERIMENTAL support for RHEL v7.* fanotify and CloudLinux v7.* File Change API
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