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Linux Malware Detect

Version: v1.4.2-1

Votes : 7

  • Space Required : 2.36 MB
  • Release Date : 08-04-2013
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  • - MD5 file hash detection for quick threat identification
    - HEX based pattern matching for identifying threat variants
    - statistical analysis component for detection of obfuscated threats (e.g: base64)
    - integrated detection of ClamAV to use as scanner engine for improved performance
    - integrated signature update feature with -u|–update
    - integrated version update feature with -d|–update-ver
    - scan-recent option to scan only files that have been added/changed in X days
    - scan-all option for full path based scanning
    - checkout option to upload suspected malware to for review / hashing
    - full reporting system to view current and previous scan results
    - quarantine queue that stores threats in a safe fashion with no permissions
    - quarantine batching option to quarantine the results of a current or past scans
    - quarantine restore option to restore files to original path, owner and perms
    - quarantine suspend account option to Cpanel suspend or shell revoke users
    - cleaner rules to attempt removal of malware injected strings
    - cleaner batching option to attempt cleaning of previous scan reports
    - cleaner rules to remove base64 and gzinflate(base64 injected malware
    - daily cron based scanning of all changes in last 24h in user homedirs
    - daily cron script compatible with stock RH style systems, Cpanel & Ensim
    - kernel based inotify real time file scanning of created/modified/moved files
    - kernel inotify monitor that can take path data from STDIN or FILE
    - kernel inotify monitor convenience feature to monitor system users
    - kernel inotify monitor can be restricted to a configurable user html root
    - kernel inotify monitor with dynamic sysctl limits for optimal performance
    - kernel inotify alerting through daily and/or optional weekly reports
    - e-mail alert reporting after every scan execution (manual & daily)
    - path, extension and signature based ignore options
    - background scanner option for unattended scan operations
    - verbose logging output of all actions
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