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Apache Solr

Version: 5.2.1

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  • Space Required : 206.81 MB
  • Release Date : 10-06-2015
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  • Schema

    • Defines the field types and fields of documents
    • Can drive more intelligent processing
    • Declarative Lucene Analyzer specification
    • Dynamic Fields enables on-the-fly addition of new fields


    • HTTP interface with configurable response formats (XML/XSLT, JSON, Python, Ruby, PHP, Velocity, CSV, binary)
    • Sort by any number of fields, and by complex functions of numeric fields
    • Advanced DisMax query parser for high relevancy results from user-entered queries
    • Highlighted context snippets
    • Faceted Searching based on unique field values, explicit queries, date ranges, numeric ranges or pivot


    • Dynamically create and delete document collections without restarting
    • Pluggable query handlers and extensible XML data format
    • Pluggable user functions for Function Query
    • Customizable component based request handler with distributed search support
    • Document uniqueness enforcement based on unique key field


    • Configurable Query Result, Filter, and Document cache instances
    • Pluggable Cache implementations, including a lock free, high concurrency implementation
    • Cache warming in background
    • Fast/small filter implementation
    • User level caching with autowarming support


    • Centralized Apache ZooKeeper based configuration
    • Automated distributed indexing/sharding - send documents to any node and it will be forwarded to correct shard
    • Near Real-Time indexing with immediate push-based replication (also support for slower pull-based replication)
    • Transaction log ensures no updates are lost even if the documents are not yet indexed to disk

    Admin Interface

    • Comprehensive statistics on cache utilization, updates, and queries
    • Interactive schema browser that includes index statistics
    • Replication monitoring
    • SolrCloud dashboard with graphical cluster node status
    • Full logging control
    • Text analysis debugger, showing result of every stage in an analyzer
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