Webuzo 3.7.6 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released version 3.7.6 which includes several features like Boxtrapper, Exim custom conf, Reseller resources handling improved ,Webmail access support added in Nginx and many more improvements and bug fixes :

1) [Feature] Boxtrapper (Beta)

2) [Feature] Added support for adding custom configuration in Exim.

3) [Improvement] Changed hostname to in Mail Client settings for SSL and non SSL in Enduser (Add email account).

4) [Improvement] Added CLI utility to fix users permissions and ownership.

5) [Improvement] Added Disable email restrictions(allow/suspend/hold) setting, Admin can disable it from Admin panel->Email->Mail Settings->Disable Email Restriction

6) [Improvement] Added setting for adding Additional Server Aliases in Apache. Admin can save Additional Server Aliases from  Admin panel->Apache Settings

7) [Improvement] Webuzo was loading all the notices at once due to which it could cause memory exhaustion. This is now improved.

8) [Improvement] Now admin can see reseller resource usage for all resellers.

9) [Improvement] Reseller will not be able to delete itself if the reseller is self owned.

10) [Improvement] Suspend/Unsuspend/  creation of account handled according to overselling in reseller

11) [Improvement] Added support for Storage type in reseller privileges 

12) [Bug-Fix] Adding Email filter AND OR condition field was not showing. This is fixed.

13) [Bug-Fix]If mail client access with webmail e.g and Sending HTML content causing issue in mail sending if Modsecurity was enabled . This is fixed.

14) [Bug-Fix] Disk quota assigned in Plan was not reflecting on add/edit user in Reseller. This is fixed.

15) [Bug-Fix] When sending HTML email with images from it was not sent due to Mod Security rules. This is fixed.

16) [Bug-Fix] Generating SSL certificates/keys for Wild card domains was showing -(hyphen). This is fixed.

Launched in Release Candidate(06-03-2023)
Launched in Stable(16-03-2023)

Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to

The Webuzo Team

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