Webuzo 3.1.5 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released version 3.1.5. There are many features like Terminal , Cron enable/disable  etc.

The following are the list of the changes in 3.1.5 :

- [Feature] We have added a Terminal for the endusers as well as the Admin in Webuzo. For the enduser(s) it will work only if Shell Access is allowed to the user.

- [Feature] Added cron enable / disable feature under Manage Shell Access in the Admin panel where Admin can enable / disable users cron.

- [Task] Showing OS version and Webuzo version on the top of the header in the Admin panel.

- [Task] Added header bar which shows in which utility you are.

- [Task] Allowed .(dot) to be added in CNAME.

- [Bug Fix] Owner of the reseller should not be changed. This is fixed now.

- [Bug Fix] Added validation for certificates in Manage service certificate, the keys were not validated . This is fixed now.

- [Bug Fix] While adding domain if DKIM is checked then the DKIM record was incorrectly generated. This is fixed now.

- [Bug Fix] If an application is installed and there was an update, the updated ZIP packages would not be downloaded by our automatic downloader till the time we increased the modification number. This is fixed now.

We are working around the clock to add more and more features. Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to

The Webuzo Team

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