cPanel to Webuzo In Place Converter


We are excited to announce the launch of a major feature which will help hosting providers switch to Webuzo with ease.

cPanel to Webuzo In Place converter migrates all your cPanel data to Webuzo on the cPanel server itself. No need to setup a new server migrate the files across servers, change IPs, etc. Refer to the guide here.

Just execute the converter commands on your cPanel server itself and Webuzo will perform the following steps :

1) Uninstall cPanel

2) Install Webuzo

3) Convert cPanel data to Webuzo format

Conversion causes very minimal downtime around 5-30 minutes based on the amount of data and resources available on your server.

What data will be migrated ?

The converter will migrate the following data :
1) All Domains - Addon, Parked, Sub-domain.
2) MultiPHP preferences per domain
3) All Databases and Database Users
4) FTP Accounts
5) Email Accounts, Forwarders, Autoresponders and all other Email data
6) DNS records
7) SSL Certificates
8) Cron Jobs
9) ACL Packages
10) Users and Resellers with appropriate ownership
11) IP allocation to users and resellers
12) All packages installed on cPanel server will be installed in Webuzo with the same version
13) All other data required for your control panel to run

What is the difference between Converter and Importer ?

Converter will convert the data on the cPanel server itself and does not require a new server. No IPs are changed. Faster as compared to Importer as it does not require to transfer the files across servers. Requires a full backup of the server so in case you want to revert you can restore from the backup.

Importer requires you to setup a new server with Webuzo and data is transferred from cPanel server to Webuzo. IPs need to be changed. However if you want your cPanel server running to compare cPanel and Webuzo. If you would prefer to import the sites instead of the in place converter you can refer to this guide.

If you have any questions about Converter or Importer email us at we will be happy to help you.

We are working on more features that will be added in the upcoming versions. We also added DNS Cluster feature in Webuzo 3.5.6 (Announcement link)

The Webuzo Team

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