Webuzo 3.1.3 Launched


The Webuzo Team has released version 3.1.3. There are many features like Password Score, FTP Configuration options, Domainwise Email Filters, etc.

The following is the list of the changes in 3.1.3 :

- [Feature] Password Score feature setting has been added in Webuzo.

- [Feature] Filter incoming email by domains has been introduced in this version. It allows admins to block emails from certain domains
- [Feature] Added FTP configuration Wizard in admin panel.
- [Feature] Added ZeroSSL CA support, now Admin can choose the SSL CA (ZeroSSL / LetsEncrypt) from the Admin panel. ZeroSSL allows unlimited issue of certificates per domain.
- [Feature] Added Force HTTPS redirect option in domain list where user can enable force HTTPS redirect to a specific domain.
- [Feature] Added List Resellers link in the Admin panel to list only reseller users.
- [Feature] Added Compiler access feature to enable or restrict the compiler usage to certain system users only. By default the compiler access will be enabled.

- [Feature] Notices has been introduced in this version of Webuzo. The admin can see all open notices by clicking on the blue notice icon on right side in the Admin Panel. We also have a wizard to see all notices.

- [Feature]Added rebuild VHosts CLI utility.

- [Bug-Fix] Without prefix database(s) had some issues in Backup/Restore, cPanel Import and Webuzo Import. This is fixed.

- [Bug-Fix] Client FTP TLS connections was not working in some cases. This is fixed.

- [Bug-Fix] While creating a user, if there was an error, the user data directory was still created which prevented creating the user after fixing the user input. This is fixed.

- [Bug-Fix] While adding a domain in the enduser panel, if the first character was a DOT, it was being allowed. This is fixed.

We are working around the clock to add more and more features. Please stay tuned for more and if you have any suggestions, do let us know by emailing it to

The Webuzo Team

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