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Open Message Queue is a complete message-oriented middle-ware platform. High quality, enterprise ready messaging; open source and a community of developers and users.

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JMS 1.1 Specification
Covers basic messaging requirements. Industry supported Java API.
Java EE 1.4 support (JCA 1.5 Resource Adapter)
Full support for all Java EE required interfaces. Allows integration with Java EE application servers that conform to the 1.4 or higher specification.
Integrated File store
For highest performance, efficient, embedded file store
JDBC File store
Tested databases include Oracle, MySQL, Postres-SQL, Java DB (Derby)
High Availability (Automatic Takeover)
HA via JDBC data store configuration. For best resilience and full availability. Tested with Oracle, GlassFish HADB (Enterprise Profile). MySQL coming soon!
High Availability (Active / Standby)
With Sun Cluster you can deploy for maximum system performance and availability with availability even in the event of a server failure
Distributed cluster support (Service availability)
Multiple broker node support with no client connection restrictions. Provides service availability, high performance, low administration overhead.
Publish and Subscribe Messaging
Shared topic subscriptions, flexible distribution options
Wild card Topics
Allows for publish or subscribe with wild-card syntax. New feature in version 4.2
Range of message delivery modes
Once and only once, At most once, at least once, non-acknowledged, duplicates okay
Full range of Transaction support
XA support for extended transaction context
Dead Message Queue
If messages expire, are undeliverable, they are moved to a destination for administrative processing
Message Compression
Allows messages to be compressed for transmission across the client - server interface as well as storing it in compressed form.
Port optimization
Portmapper allows multiple protocols through single port. Reduces fire-wall complexity
Flow Control
When destinations reach configured thresholds, production is throttled back. A range of configuration options is provided
Access Control
Administer can control which user IDs have permissions for various operations
Message Security
HTTPS, SSL, TLS support for message security
LDAP or file based credential support. JAAS support for custom authorization integration
Message Selectors
Allows consumer to query messages based on criteria
XML Schema Validation
Prevents invalid XML messages from being produced into a destination. New feature in Version 4.2
Supports c-integration, Solaris (SPARC/x86), Linux, Windows.
XA support via C-API
XA support for C-API, tested with Tuxedo Transaction Manager. New feature in version 4.2
Allows JMS messaging through firewall tunneling
GUI based administration utility
Basic administration command support
Complete control via command line
All administration commands available through scriptable commands
Complete JMX interface
Allows integration with existing administration and monitoring tools or custom administration
JCA 1.5 Resource Adapter support
Embedded Resource Adapter for GlassFish; JMSJCA support for extended integration support (WebLogic, WebSphere, JBOSS, Etc.); GenericResourceAdapter support for GlassFish integration.
Distributed destinations
Message destinations are shared between broker cluster nodes for better performance and load balancing
Solaris Service Management Facility Integration
Allows common configuration management integration
Java Enterprise System Management Framework
Integrated management support for Java Enterprise family products
All message strings can be localized
Native packages or archive distributions
Can use native install for Solaris, Linux RPM. File archive for OEM or isolated install
Same product, community or commercial support. No technical barrier to move from community to production support.
Commercial support provides patches, telephone technical support; service response commitments. Develop with confidence that your deployment will be fully supportable without additional developer or deployment expense.

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