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Webuzo Virtual Machine images contain a minimal Linux [CentOS] operating system and a configured Webuzo Control Panel. Running virtual machine images requires tools such as VMware or VirtualBox, so it is recommended for system administrators and advanced users.

JasDB is a NoSQL database using a document-based storage mechanism. We developed JasDB to provide an alternative to current document-based implementations out there, to add something new to the industry and give users more choices.

JasDB was designed with easy of use and minimal configuration in mind. JasDB can be installed and configured in almost no time at all. Use JasDB as an embedded DB inside your JVM or you can use it to store your unstructured data in JSON format. If you want to scale JasDB, simply run and use it through the REST webservice.

  Space Required : 0.01 MB

  Release Date : 23-07-2013

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* Run as embedded DB inside the JVM
* JSON Document storage
* REST interface
* Runs on Android
* Complete Querying functionality
* High concurrency environment
* Stackable components allow great flexibility
* Extensible
* User security and granting model

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